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Skyrim: Wasted all J'zargo's scrolls - Arqade The only reward for this is J'zargo will be willing to be a follower for you - there's no questline this locks you out of, etc - so you might just give up and move on. Another alternative is to use the console, if you're on the PC. Try: resetquest MGRAppJzargo01. which should reset this quest and allow you to retry it.

Approach a group of undead, open your inventory and choose J'zargo's Flame Cloak (screen above). Close the inventory window and BE SURE to tell your party member to say behind, as otherwise you might hurt him pretty badly. Move away from him and use the scroll, causing flames to surround the hero.

A quest marker will appear with each undead killed while under the effects of J'zargo's Flame Cloak. Undead do not need to be killed by the scrolls' damage; dying of other weapon or spell damage while under the effects of the scroll will satisfy the quest conditions. J'zargo's Flame Cloak Scroll | Skyrim Wiki J'zargo's Flame Cloak Scrolls are special scroll in Skyrim. Acquired From. Given to the player by J'zargo at the College of Winterhold for the J'zargo's Experiment quest.; Effect. For 30 seconds, opponents in melee range take 10 points per second fire damage. J'zargo's Flame Cloak Spelltome Reward at Skyrim Special Mar 19, 2020 J'zargo's Flame Cloak Scroll - Skyrim Wiki Oct 02, 2014