You can hook up your Sony PlayStation 3 video game console to a video projector and display your favorite games on a screen far bigger than what you would experience on the biggest TV that money can buy, or even on the wall. To make this connection work, you'll need to plug a special type of video cable into both devices.

Feb 19, 2010 How Can I Hook Up My Ps3 To Laptop Using Only HDMI - YouTube Nov 27, 2010 Hwo to Use PS3 HDMI on a Laptop | Our Pastimes The HDMI cable, which the PS3 uses to transfer high-definition video from the console to an external device, can be connected to any type of screen, such as a television screen or laptop monitor. With the correct video port, adapter or video card, you can avoid purchasing a HD television and use your laptop as a playback device for your PS3.

Can I connect a PS3 to my HP Laptop? - HP Support

The laptop ( as well as 99.99% of all the other laptops out there) have HDMI OUT which means you can connect the laptop to a HDTV but NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Connecting a PS3 to the laptop … Connect PS3 With HDMI Cable - PlayStation

You don't the laptop HDMI is to connect to a HDTV and so is the PS3 HDMI. Even if you plugged both into the HDTV you would not get a connection between them. The laptop may also be able to connect

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